Just like the phases of the moon, this color-changing nail polish won’t stay the same for long. As you explore the outdoors, watch Just a Moon Phase transform from matte light peach to Persian red. It’s sure to make a regular orbit in your style. It’s safe, too — being 5-Free and never tested on animals.

In homage to our proprietary Spectrachrome® technology roots, based on a special color-change formula originally explored by NASA, we bring you an exclusive ‘Out of this World’ nail polish collection that adds intergalactic flare to your adventures under the sun!

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• Glitter finish, adding sparkle on top of a solid color base coat
• 5-Free: No harmful toxins added
• Never tested on animals
• Round bottle and cap, maximizing ease of brushing
• Easy-to-read label to see indoor and outdoor colors
• Lifetime Color-Change Guarantee
• Top coat OK to use
• Colors may slightly vary due to monitor settings



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