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“I love my Del Sol sunglasses, and so does everyone else. I get so many compliments on them, and the compliments are from very hip teenagers and college students, to great grandparents like me. You are never too old for Del Sol sunglasses.” – Bonnie S.

“Love, love, love these! It can be hard to get kids to leave their sunglasses on sometimes but not with these. They are ‘magic’.” – Kathy L.

“I only wear Del Sol sunglasses because they are well-made, stylish, have a great fit, & are polarized! The guarantee is great! Best investment in sunglasses hands down!” – Deborah P.

“Even though I have well-known name brand sunglasses, these are my favorite. ” – B.M.

“These are the best sunglasses I have ever had. They make everything crystal clear.” – Sarah D.


Del Sol is Fun in the Sun

Our claim to fame is brightening consumers’ vacations through our products that all change color when exposed to sunlight, then go back to their original colors without sunlight.

Thousands of customers from all over the world share this same enthusiasm for Del Sol. They’re part of a Del Sol culture, which sets them apart as the fun store in major tourist destinations throughout the world.

We stand for all that is good. For sunshine. For fun in the sun. For memory-filled vacations. For laughter. For joy. We do it for young and old alike. For the smiles that it brings.

We’re proud to share a little sunshine with so many people every day.

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